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EATACCN Solutions

Since 2007, EATACCN Solutions has provided retailers with electronic solutions to improve the efficiency of their retail operations. 

Leading revolution in labeling systems in supermarkets and digital stores. Increasingly, retail began to replace paper price displays in favor of electronic shelf labels (ESL). 


  • 35Inch Shelf Edge LCD Display

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  • 23.1 Inch Shelf Edge LCD Display

    23.1 In...

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  • 4.2″ Slim series electronic shelf label


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  • 2.66″ Lite series electronic shelf label


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  • 1.54″ Lite series electronic shelf label


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  • 2.4GHz Base Station For ESL

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  • 2.4GHz Electronic shelf labels.

    EATACCN wireless protocol uses less energy because of its time intelligent and leverages the ESL infrastructure key component of the connected store enabling retailers to connect directly with their customers at the point of decision. Our  Electronic Shelf Labels are available with LED lights and NFC capability which are controlled centrally by the cloud platform.
    2.4GHz Electronic shelf labels.
  • ESD (Electronics Shelf Display)

    Shelf-edge LCD Display is about the special application on shelf edge for smart retail solution. Considering the retail shelf environment, we can provide both shelf header LCD Displays and shelf-edge LCD Displays, which are specially designed for the shelf restricted space digital signage applications.
    ESD (Electronics Shelf Display)
  • ESL Enhance Retail Pricing Update Efficiency.

    While traditional static paper labels only serve one purpose (to inform customers of the price of goods) electronic shelf labels display serves numerous purposes which include pricing, information, coupons, promotions for various product lines. This will impact on price rewriting of your business, starting from improved customer experience, ease of operations, labor efficiency, increasing discount operate and profit.

    ESL Enhance Retail Pricing Update Efficiency.
  • Digital Shelf Edge Revolution

    In the retail industry, especially the chemists, supermarkets and hypermarkets, digital technology has become a huge differentiating factor and determinant of rising profit margins. This digital revolution is taking different dimensions and accommodating new innovations at every turn. Digital Shelf Edge Technology together with Electronic Shelf Labels are giving retailers a new edge above their competition.

    Digital Shelf Edge Revolution
  • Influence Purchasing Decision

    Digital Shelf Edge technology engages the customer right in front of the shelf achieving point of purchase conversion. This accounts for the reason 70% of responders in a recent survey by Digital Signage Today said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital display.

    Influence Purchasing Decision